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JK CLUB 會員表格

Membership Form

首次登記成為 JK CLUB 會員,必須填妥以下會員表格 1 次。
For registration as JK CLUB member, please fill in the following membership form for once.

姓別 Gender

(請提供正確電郵,此為JK CLUB網上登入名稱。登入密碼亦將於 3 個工作天內發送至此電郵。

Please provide a valid email address as it serves as the JK CLUB login username. The login password will be sent to this email within 3 working days.) *


上載已刮去灰色圖層,並能清晰顯示 16 位積分換領編號的 "正貨證明書" 相片 1 張

Upload one "Certificate of Authenticity" photo with the grey coating scratched and showing the 16 digits points redemption code clearly. *

*是次上載 "積分換領編號相片" 所獲得之 1,000 積分將自動存入閣下的新會員賬戶 。
The 1,000 points earned from the points redemption code uploaded this time will be deposited into your new member account automatically.

年齡 Age *
從何得知日本御惠牌赤靈芝? How do you know about this Mikei Red Reishi? *
購買商號名稱及地址 Retail Name & Address *

推薦計劃積分獎賞 Referral Program 
您是親友推薦成為 JK CLUB 會員的嗎 ?
請填寫推薦人資料,親友便可獲取 1000 積分
Are you recommended by your relative / friend to become our member ? Please fill in the referrer's information, thus your relative / friend can earn 1000 points.

個人資料收集聲明 Personal Information Collection Statement

閣下如欲成為 JK CLUB 會員,需要向 JK CLUB 提供個人資料並同意此個人資料收集聲明。如有關個人資料不完整或不正確, JK CLUB 可能無法向閣下提供有關活動。

JK CLUB 會時刻將閣下的資料保密。閣下提供的個人資料可由「 JK CLUB 」及加聯國際有限公司日後作「直接促銷」*之用,包括郵件、電子郵件、短訊、 Whatsapp及電話等。


如您日後希望停止接受「 JK CLUB 」資訊,可透過以下方法通知「 JK CLUB 」:

  1. 郵寄 : 上環德輔道中 308 號 富衛金融中心 1406 室

  2. 電郵 :

Applicants are required to provide personal information to JK CLUB and agree to this personal data collection statement if you wish to be the JK CLUB members. If the personal data is incomplete or incorrect, JK CLUB may not be able to offer membership to you.

JK CLUB will keep your personal information confidential at all times. The personal data provided may be used for “Direct marketing”* such as mail, email, SMS, Whatsapp and telephone by JK CLUB and Canited International Limited.

I have read, understand and agree to the Personal Information Collection Statement . I further confirm my consent to the intended use of my personal data in the direct marketing subject to any objection as indicated by me.

If you wish to stop receiving "JK CLUB" information in the future, you can notify "JK CLUB" through the following methods:

  1. By Post: Rm 1406 , FWD Financial Centre , 308 Des Voeux Rd Central, Sheung Wan

  2. Email :

*本人同意「 JK CLUB 」使用下列渠道作直接促銷用途,包括向您發出特別優惠、優惠券或禮品: 

*I agree「 JK CLUB 」using the following channels for direct marketing purpose, include sending offers of special discounts, coupons or gift items.

JK CLUB 條款或細則 Terms & Conditions

  • 迎新禮品只限送予新登記之會員。

  • 顧客須填妥此表格內 "必須填寫資料*"方可成為會員。

  • 每人只限登記一次。

  • 成功申請者將於3個工作天內收到登入密碼電郵。( 如沒有收到,請檢查電郵系統中的垃圾郵件 )

  • 推薦計劃積分獎賞:  推薦人必須為有效之  JK CLUB 會員。每成功推薦一位親友成為 JK CLUB 會員,推薦人便可獲取 1000 積分。受推薦之新會員必需於填寫入會表格時,填妥推薦人之會員姓名及電話號碼 (資料必須與  JK CLUB 的會員資料相同),後補資料恕不接受。推薦人所賺取的  1000 積分,將會 7 個工作天內存入賬戶內。  

  • 閣下所提供之個人資料只供「 JK CLUB 」將來作「直接促銷」之用,資料絕對保密。

  • 如有任何爭議,「 JK CLUB 」保留最終決定權。

  • The welcome gift are only available for newly registered members.

  • To become our member, all the "required information*" in the form must be provided.

  • Each person can only register once.

  • Successful applicant will receive the login password by email within 3 working days. ( Please check junk email if not receive )

  • Referral Program: The referrer must be a valid JK CLUB member. The referrer can earn 1,000 points if he/she has successfully recommended one relative / friend to become our new JK CLUB member. The referee must fill in the referrer’s information when filling this membership form (the information must be the same as the JK CLUB membership record), subsequent information will not be accepted. The 1000 points earned by the referrer will be credited to the account within 7 working days.

  • The personal data provided is only for the future promotion of "JK CLUB" and the data is absolutely confidential.

  • In case of any dispute, "JK CLUB" reserves the right of final decision.

聯絡我們 Contact us

代理商: 日惠株式會社有限公司
Sole Agent: Nikkei (Hong Kong) Company Ltd.

If you have any inquiry, you are welcomed to contact us.

查詢熱線 Inquiry Hotline :

(+852) 2545 3223

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